Free Enviro Cloth Booking Gift!

Norwex is making it even easier to be a hostess — it’s offering a free Enviro Cloth as a gift for those who book parties during June! When you host a Norwex party and receive sooooo many freebies as a hostess, you ask a friend book the next party and to hold their party within 45 days. Lining up that booking is part of earning your hostess rewards.

Norwex’s free Enviro Cloth booking incentive will make it easier for both you and your friend to be hostesses. What’s great is that if they are new to Norwex, getting a free Enviro Cloth will allow them to “test out” a product and share their testimonial about it at their party.

love this new offer, available only during June, and hope lots of you will take advantage of it! Please schedule a party and tell a friend that they could get a free Enviro Cloth by being your booking (and holding their party within 45 days)!

Here are Norwex’s flyers about the June specials. The first includes the Enviro Cloth booking special and the customer specials (sales items) for June. The second flyer shows what a June hostess could earn just by having a party!  I’d love to help you get all of these items for free. Please contact me and we’ll pick a party date!







Free Enviro Cloths

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