Who’s curious about Norwex’s mops?  Have you ever considered becoming a Norwex consultant?  Norwex provides its new consultants with a free start-up kit containing products and materials to help them succeed. Normally that kit contains one mop, but this May it will include a bonus item: The Double-Sided Mop!  If you join Norwex this month you’ll have both the Superior Mop Collection and the Double-Sided Mop to demonstrate at parties or to use in your home.

Norwex consultants are well taken care of!  We receive 35% commission and many free products as incentives to encourage our business growth. We can order products for our homes and families at a 35% discount, never have monthly sales requirements, and are part of a warm, supportive community of consultants that help each other daily. Some Norwex consultants work on a very part-time, casual basis and others turn this into a full-time career.

I work closely with my new team members to help them plan for success. I enjoy mentoring and welcoming new consultants!

Key detail: When Norwex sends the free start-up kit it asks new consultants to sell $2,000 in product in their first 90-days. The new consultant agrees that if this requirement is not met in 90 days, they will pay a $200 fee to cover the cost of the start-up kit. Although I had no difficulty reaching the $2,000 milestone and I think it is very achievable, I think it’s a good idea to set aside the commission from your launch party just in case you need it to cover the $200 fee. Then you can join with no worries at all!  I help my new team members run their launch parties and love helping them plan for success.

There’s a lot of flexibility for established Norwex consultants. We’re asked to sell just $250 in product every three months in order to be listed as active consultants, and if we go six months without selling $250 cumulative then there’s a minimal fee to be reactivated. I think this is the perfect job for a mom like me — someone who cares about healthy living, wants to meet new people and learn new skills, and also needs some flexibility in her schedule.

Would you like to know more?  I’d be glad to chat on the phone and answer any questions you have about joining Norwex. If you’d like that, just send me a message and we’ll plan a time to talk!

If you already know that you want to sign-up, my advice is to first ask two friends to host parties for you within your first few weeks as a consultant. You’ll get extra free products from Norwex if you sell $400 in product within your first 14 days, so line-up your initial hostesses first. Then, please join my team by signing up here!




Free double-sided mop for new consultants in May

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