Let’s talk about the smartest ways you can shop this flash sale. Are you ready for some advice from me?

First, a little basic info: This Flash Sale may end quickly! It will be available until 5pm CDT on March 25 (or will end early if supplies run out). The graphite Dusting Mitt is a limited-edition item. When it’s gone, it’s gone!

The Dusting Mitt is one of my favorite Norwex products. It’s soft and fuzzy, fun to use, holds the dust so it doesn’t fly around in the air, is easy to wash and dry, and lasts for years. We still use a four-year-old Dusting Mitt at our house! I have a bunch of customers who love the color graphite, who are quite excited to see a limited-edition graphite Dusting Mitt on sale right now! This package includes a graphite Dusting Mitt and a graphite EnviroCloth – you can save over $10 by buying the package while it’s on sale!

My personal advice is two-part: 1) buy a Window Cloth with this package. You’ll be able to clean so many things if you pair an EnviroCloth and Window Cloth together! and 2) Ask me to set up a Facebook Party in your name before you shop. You can shop your own party, so that you’ll have a head-start on earning host rewards. Hosts earn rewards in four ways — and one of those ways is earning back 8-12% of their party sales as host dollars (a host “shopping spree”). If you’re buying the flash sale, I advise you to buy it from your own party! It benefits you financially to do so! Enjoy using it, save up a few fun stories to tell your friends, and then host a fun Spring Cleaning Facebook Party with me! Most of my hosts earn $150 to $300 in free products from Norwex and their friends enjoy learning about something fun and new!

Would you like help scheduling a party or placing an order? The easiest way to contact me is to send me a Facebook  message. Please message me through my Facebook Page. I’d be glad to answer questions or to create a party in your name and give you a special shopping link!

If you’re not interested in hosting a Facebook Party, catalog party or home party in the Hudson Valley, that is totally okay. I was in your shoes four years ago, when I first discovered Norwex! Here’s a link to find the Flash Sale on my Norwex website – you’ll find it here in the Customer Specials Section.

Happy Spring!!!

Flash Sale!!! Graphite Dusting Mitt and EnviroCloth!