September New Product, Customer Specials, and Host Rewards!

I’m so excited – Norwex surprised us by introducing a new product this month: Microfiber Cleaner Laundry Booster!  If you have clothes with deep odors or microfiber cloths that have been heavily used or not washed often enough, this booster could be a great thing for you!  It will become available on September 12.

My customers will be able to get so many products at a discount this month!

I think the “All You Need to Clean” special would be great to give to classroom teachers, and the “Kitchen Basics with a FREE Cloth” special includes several items that would make nice additions to your kitchen or that could be saved for holiday hostess gifts for later in the fall!  Also, have you noticed that the MOP is on sale this month? That’s really unusual!

My hosts have the chance to earn so many FREE products from Norwex in September!

I’m looking forward to offering several fall Facebook Party themes this month. I also do home parties, but I’ve noticed that Facebook events can be really helpful in September when soccer and football seasons keep so many families busy. I have room for a few more Facebook party hosts (or home hosts in the Hudson Valley) this month. Please message me on Facebook if you’d like to choose a date!

Hosts earn free products in four ways: 1) by having a certain number of buying guests at their party; 2) by earning a percentage of party sales as host dollars (like a host shopping spree); by having a booking from their party; and by earning a Host Special — a package of FREE products earned by having enough sales, guests, and a booking. Here’s how all of this could benefit you in September!

I would love to help you choose a product you’ll love, get a head-start on your holiday shopping, host a party or join my team. Please contact me with questions – I am here to help!

Eeeeee! New Laundry Booster Coming in September!