Descaler - my before and after with frame

We were expecting company this weekend and I wanted to clean the bathroom ahead of their arrival. It was the easiest job ever, thanks to Norwex. After I took a shower, while the tub was still moist, I sprayed Norwex’s Descaler on the wall and tub floor. When Descaler is left to sit on a the tub and shower wall it breaks down soap scum and mineral deposits, so they will be easy to wipe away. I dried my hair, then returned to my quick cleaning job. I used a damp Bathroom Scrub Mitt to wipe the shower walls and the tub floor. After a brief rinse with water, the job was done!

I know that Norwex’s products won’t hurt our waterways or leave harmful residues in the bathtub that my kids and baby use. I also don’t notice bothersome fumes from Descaler. I’ve always felt that it’s a gentle and easy way to clean the tub. It makes me happy to have a shiny shower and to not have any concerns about the cleaner’s effect on my health, my children, or the environment. Hooray for easy shower cleaning!

Descaler is a particularly good option if you have hard water. It’s great for removing lime and scale build-up! Please do not use it on natural stone (it could damage it). If your shower walls are natural stone you might want to clean them with just the Bathroom Scrub Mitt and water, for the gentlest approach to their care.

You may purchase Descaler from my Norwex shop using the links above, or host a party and earn some for free as part of your hostess shopping spree!  Please contact me if you’re interested in having a Facebook party or a home party in the Hudson Valley. I’d love to answer your friends’ questions about Norwex and make this a fun, personal experience for them!

Easy shower cleaning – Natural options without fumes!

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