This is me sharing about my Norwex journey last Tuesday at a Norwex Live event in Saratoga Springs, NY. I was honored to share how Norwex has changed my life — it’s given me my own career, community, and the chance to achieve my dreams. My life is kind of complicated — I have autoimmune neuromuscular problems that often limit my mobility and stamina. Thanks to Norwex, I’ve found so many opportunities to learn, grow as a person, gain valuable skills, help other families in my community, and make the world a healthier place. I’m so grateful for that!  Every few months I host a “Make a Difference” party for those who want to learn what it’s really like to be a Norwex consultant. The next one will be on Sunday, October 21 at 8pm Eastern on Facebook. Would you like to come?  (This is intended for guests who do not already have a Norwex consultant.) If you’d like to be invited, please message me on Facebook. I’d love to have you there!

Norwex consultants get to make a difference in the world and help their families financially. They also have the chance to earn SO MANY products for free!  The new consultant starter kit includes around $300 worth of products and business materials, including a Superior Mop Collection, cloths, dusting mitt, bathroom scrub mitt, samples of cleaning paste and laundry detergent, and more! By reaching a sales goal, you can keep that kit for just $9.99. (Ask me more about how this works during Sunday night’s party, or message me on FB with questions. I’d be glad to explain the details!)

You can also earn around $700 in free products through an incentive program called the FreshStart Rewards. This will give you extra products for your home, your party kit, or to give away as party prizes. It’s wonderful!  Each month Norwex also offers us consultant incentives that we can earn. When you begin helping friends become consultants and they succeed, you can also earn big shopping sprees, which you can use to help support the growth of your business. Norwex makes it so easy for us to earn free products if we are hosting parties, sharing these life-changing products, and sharing the Norwex opportunity with friends. My perspective on it is that Norwex really helps us keep our businesses going, with so much encouragement, online training, and the chance to earn free products that we can use in our parties. I had no idea that Norwex was so generous when I joined. It’s been a wonderful thing to discover!

If you became a Norwex consultant, who would you help? We all know someone with allergies, cancer, or autoimmune disease, who’d benefit from cleaning becoming easier, healthier and more affordable. When you do a party for someone and they earn free products as a host, you help make their life so much better!  You also help their friends, who get the joy of discovering these life-changing cloths. Each party that you do is a chance to help someone — to make a difference in their life. Listen to them, find out what kind of solutions they seek, and make their life better, and you’ll be proud of your business and glad about the difference you’re making in the world!  The more parties you do, the more free products you’ll earn from Norwex, and the more you’ll be able to bless your hosts, your guests, and those in need.

I’ve been a Norwex consultant for about 4.5 years now. My “why” — the reason why I do this — has changed over the years. I still am super excited to get happy texts from my customers. (That was an early “why” for me.) And I still LOVE hearing my hosts’ enthusiasm about their host rewards — those huge boxes of freebies from Norwex are great. But now my “why” has also grown to include happiness when my teammates do well. It means so much to me to hear that they love doing parties, are seeing the difference they’re making in the world, and are so glad that they joined Norwex. This is a new “why” for me — a reason to keep investing time and care in my teammates, as together we keep learning, growing our businesses, and helping new families. Would you like to be part of our growing team? Maybe you just want to listen in, ask a few questions, and think it over? Please message me on Facebook. I’ll invite you to our Sunday, October 21 Facebook party or we can make arrangements to talk on the phone during the daytime. I’m here to help you learn more, so you can decide if you’d like to be part of our Norwex family!

Earn and grow — there are so many possibilities with Norwex!