Sometimes getting rid of plastics seems like a lot of work. Is it worth it? An article I just read in the New York Times is giving me more motivation. Researchers at Harvard found that 80% of women at an IVF clinic tested positive for BPA in their urine. BPA was also found in women’s follicular fluid, and was associated with stunted oocyte growth and chromosomal damage. There is “rising concern among scientists that childhood exposure to BPA may well contribute to female infertility, and that adult exposure may result in a shorter reproductive life span.”

Honestly, I’ve been rather slow to minimize the plastic in our house, but it’s time for me to make a change!  Norwex’s new “pitch the plastic” product line is dedicated to helping families reduce harmful exposure to the chemicals in plastics. I need to take advantage of this. Look for future blog posts about our adjustment to fewer plastic items in our home. As a pregnant woman, this is a change I just have to make.

Confession: Plastic is everywhere in my home….

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