My five-year-old is prone to getting unusual stains on things, and today’s surprise was blueberry pancake on her white bed sheet. She told me in the most polite way possible: “Mommy, I’m sorry to say that there’s a stain on my bed, and the Enviro Cloth didn’t take it off.”  At least she tried to treat the stain herself with an Enviro Cloth!

Here’s how we handled the stain. I put 1 teaspoon of Norwex’s detergent (Ultra Power Plus) in a small bowl with some hot water and soaked the sheet while we went out to a playdate. When we came home, I rinsed the sheet well and the stain was gone. I usually use Ultra Power Plus to wash my Norwex microfiber, but I am finding that a soak with it will often remove tough stains in our “regular” laundry as well!  Here are photos showing the process.


Blueberry stains on white sheets

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