Woot woot!  It’s a “mop month” again for our Norwex hosts!  I love Mop Months because they make it sooooo easy to get the simplest, most eco-friendly, long-lasting mop around. Here are the Host and Customer Specials for this month.

August 15 Update: The BEST DEAL is now the New Consultant Starter Kit!  See the details below!!!  It’s a Join-for-Free month now, from August 15 through noon CDT on September 1!

Host Specials:

Customer Specials:


The Join-for-Free Consultant Starter Kit – Please message me on Facebook with any questions. When you’re ready to sign-up for the no-risk kit, please do so at www.RebeccaL.Norwex.biz. Please do opt-in for the free two-month trial of Consultant Office Suite (so you’ll have a website for people to shop, along with other important features).  If you LOVE discounts and earning free things, message me and ask me about the Kit Builders — if you add the Gold Level Kit Builder during sign-up, you’ll get so many free things as a result!


August Customer & Host Specials