Your spring cleaning can be fast, fun and healthy!   Here are my tips for cleaning without any harmful chemicals.


1. Dust

enviro wand and dusting mittDust thoroughly — work from the top of the room down, using an Enviro Wand for hard to reach ceiling fans, cobwebs on high walls, and dust bunnies in nooks and crannies, and the dry Dusting Mitt to dust bookshelves, decorations and furniture.

Dust under beds and furniture with the dry mop pad or the Enviro Wand.

You can see me clean a dusty ceiling fan in this video!



2. Get Squeaky Clean Windows

Basic-PackageWash windows with water and an Enviro Cloth. Dry with a Window Cloth. To wash out of reach windows, attach a Window Cloth to the mop!  (There are optional brackets to attach the Enviro Cloth and Window Cloth to the mop.)

Want to see how fast and fun this is?  Here’s a simple demo with our bathroom mirror. And here I am cleaning potting soil from our patio window!


3. Remove pollen, dust and grime from your window treatments and screens

Use a damp Dusting Mitt to wipe down vertical blinds and to remove pollen from window screens.  You won’t believe how much grime comes off of most window screens and how much better your windows will look once they are cleaned!



4. Clean the inside of the refrigerator and wipe down the outside of all kitchen appliances

Wipe refrigerator with water and an Enviro Cloth or Kitchen Cloth. Dry glass shelves with the Window Cloth to leave them sparkling.

Kitchen_ClothRemove smudges and streaks from stainless steel appliances with a damp Enviro Cloth or Kitchen Cloth and polish them with a dry Window Cloth. If layers of old cleansers still leave streaks on the appliance, try cleaning it with the Enviro Cloth and a  very dilute solution of Ultra Power Plus laundry detergent and warm water, followed by an Enviro Cloth and water and then  the Window Cloth. Once old layers of cleanser are removed, maintain with just norwex cloths  and water.

Here’s how easily an Enviro Cloth picks up kitchen grease from a stove. In my experience, the Kitchen Cloth works just as well, so they are both good options for your spring cleanups!


5. Clean Your Oven

SpirinettTry cleaning your oven with just a Norwex Spirinett and water — that may be all you need!  If you need more elbow grease, add in a dab of Cleaning Paste and scrub with it and a damp Spirinett. The paste’s all natural ability to lift away dirt and grime will help get your oven sparkling again. If you prefer, you may also wish to try the enzyme-based Oven and Grill Cleaner, which is applied to a slightly warm oven, is left to sit for 10 minutes, and then must be wiped and rinsed away. My personal preference is to use Cleaning Paste, which has no odor and has worked wonderfully for my family and our hard-worked, very messy oven.  Here’s a little video showing how well the Spirinett works even when I just use it with water!




6. Mop with just water

Mop floors by cleaning with the dry mop pad, then switch to the wet mop pad and spritz it with water. You can even use the wet mop pad to wash walls and splattered kitchen ceilings!   The Superior Mop Collection makes it easy.




7. Deep Clean the Shower the Easy Way

Bathroom-Scrub-MittWipe down bathtub and shower with water and the Bathroom Scrub Mitt. If necessary, remove hard water buildup and soap scum from tubs and showers using Descaler and a SpiriSponge, Bathroom Scrub Mitt or Kitchen Scrub Cloth.




8. Freshen and Clear Drains 

drain-careFreshen sink and tub drains and prevent slow flow with the enzymes and microbes in Drain Care. If you don’t have Drain Care yet and need to freshen a sink drain, try pouring baking soda down it, then pour warm white vinegar. Let it foam, then rinse it away with warm water.





9. Thoroughly Clean Toilets

Easily scrub toilets clean with the Ergonomic Toilet Brush and remove mineral build-up with Blue Diamond. Because the Ergonomic Toilet Brush’s bristles reach under the rim, your toilet will be cleaner than it’s been in ages. The brush’s holder keeps it elevated, so it will dry quickly and not sit in germy water, so even that part of your bathroom will be cleaner than it used to be!

Wipe the outside of toilets with an Enviro Cloth.



10. Clean Carpets

carpet-stain-busterUse a wet Enviro Cloth to spot clean carpet stains. For persistent stains apply Norwex’s enzyme and microbe-based Carpet Stain Buster, either using it as a spray or diluting it and applying it with a carpet cleaning machine.

We have had so many great experiences removing carpet stains with our Enviro Cloth and water. For video clips showing our real messes, please see Enviro Cloth vs Berry Popsicle and Enviro Cloth vs Pizza Stain, and  this Norwex In Your Kitchen video featuring red wine poured on the carpet and cleaned with an Enviro Cloth!



11. Prepare Your Patio and Outdoor Toys for Spring

Clean patio furniture, wiping down chairs with a damp Dusting Mitt and cleaning tables with an Enviro Cloth and water. Dry glass table tops with a Window Cloth. Wipe plastic outdoor toys with a wet Enviro Cloth to clean them before children use them.

Cleaning patio furniture is just as easy as washing windows and mirrors. Here’s a video of me with my children, getting our patio table ready for spring.



12. Deep clean your Norwex cloths

uppYou may wish to deep clean your Norwex cloths periodically. To deep clean a cloth, boil a stock pot of water, remove it from the heat, and add 1/2 scoop of Ultra Power Plus laundry detergent to the water. Submerge the dirty cloth in the pot, let it soak, and when the water is cool, rub the cloth against itself to loosen debris. Rinse thoroughly. If the water is not clear, you may need to repeat the soak with additional hot water and detergent, and rinse until the water is clear.



Relax with a cool beverage and enjoy your clean home!


Why-I-Use-Norwex-3-withframeDo you have a special reason for healthy spring cleaning?

I have so many reasons to care for my home in this healthy way, and I bet you do, too. Here are two of my “reasons” in this photo!  If you’d like help learning about Norwex, please send me a note. I love hearing about my customers’ special needs and questions. I’d be glad to talk on the phone, show you products in person, or chat online to help you learn more about making your home a safe haven.


I can help you place a Norwex order any time, or can help you get free products through a Norwex party. You can help your friends and family live healthier lives by sharing Norwex with them!  Hosting a Norwex get-together in your home or a party on Facebook is easy and fun, and it’s a wonderful way to earn many free products for healthy spring cleaning. Just let me know how I can help you get started with a healthier home.




12 Steps for Your Fastest, Freshest
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12 Steps for Your Fastest, Freshest Spring Cleaning

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