In my opinion, there’s no more important time for life to be EASY and non-toxic than when you have a newborn! So naturally, I have a few suggestions for Baby Shower gifts! Here are my top picks:

The Kids Bath Towel — it’s soft, plush, super absorbent, and stays fresh because it has BacLock (antimicrobial silver). They will use and love this towel for years!

The Baby Body Pack — soft, smaller, pastel-colored Body Cloths to wash baby with just water!

My ultimate “Spit-Up Survival Kit!” — an EnviroCloth, Odour Eliminator, and Ultra Power Plus powdered laundry detergent!  An EnviroCloth and water will remove spit-up from your coat, shoes, furniture and more. You can dilute the UPP laundry detergent with water in a spray bottle to tackle any baby-related carpet or furniture stains. And you can also dilute Odour Eliminator with water in a spray bottle, and use it to remove odors from spit-up, vomit, diaper explosions, etc. These three are essentials!

EnviroCloth and Window Cloth (the Basic Package) — You’ll want to use these to clean your home with water, so that baby isn’t touching or licking harmful chemicals. An EnviroCloth is great for cleaning high chairs!

Organic Lip Balm and Body Balm — Because new moms are exhausted and deserve pampering!

Silicone Lid Duo — These are perfect for covering plates and bowls when reheating foods brought over by your caring community and family.

Need a gift for an older sibling, too? You might want to get them a Pet-to-Dry Kids Hand Towel! These animal-shaped towels are always a big hit. My kids love them! There are kitten, bear, tiger and pig hand towels.


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10 Baby Shower Gifts They’ll Love!