Norwex is one of the BEST parts of my life

Bec and BasketI love my job!  I joined Norwex because my first few cloths made me happy and improved my life. Now I get to share the joy with other consultants, party hosts, teachers, parents and grandparents. There’s nothing better than helping a family “go green” or helping a new consultant begin a rewarding career.

Bringing Norwex to my home completely changed my life. My family has saved time, money, and effort, because Norwex’s microfiber works so well, lasts a long time, and replaces harmful, expensive products.  I like to joke that my family is the perfect “test case” for Norwex products because my three kids make so many messes, and we have so many health challenges at home. If our complicated life is made easier by Norwex, then I know that it can work for almost anyone.

My Norwex career is one of the best parts of my life. I enjoy leading a team of other consultants, helping them learn about social media, party planning, and Norwex products. We call ourselves the Creative Clean Team, because we enjoy collaborating and working together in a creative way!  We’re a warm, resourceful bunch of women, supporting each other and helping lots of families “go green.” My team members not only make their own lives better, but are working to improve the health of our planet.  I love knowing that each Norwex party helps more families live a healthier, easier life.

I’ve made such wonderful friends through Norwex parties. I love getting to know my hostesses and helping them get their wish lists for free!  My hosts average $150 to $300 in free products from the company, earned just by sharing their enthusiasm and getting enough buying guests. Our host program is so rewarding!

How can I help you? Feel free to contact me!  I’d love to answer your questions about Norwex products, hosting party, or joining my team.  The easiest ways to reach me are to send a Facebook Message through or to text me at (845) 702-5765.  I have three young kids, so if I’m changing a diaper when you message me or am otherwise chasing small children around, I promise to get back to you as soon as possible. I’m dedicated to helping my customers, hosts and team members benefit from having Norwex in their lives. Please reach out and let me know how Norwex can help you!

Rebecca Leibowitz, Norwex Independent Sales Consultant

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  • Feel free to text me at (845) 702-5765
  • You may also e-mail me at [email protected]
  • If you’d like to see me using Norwex, please check out my videos on Youtube

August and September Host Rewards


I’d love to help you earn a free mop this summer!

Norwex’s summer host rewards are BIG. Host a party with $550 in sales and a booking, and you’ll earn a free Superior Mop Collection, EnviroCloth, Window Cloth, $55 Shopping Spree and more!

The September Host Rewards are also amazing. They’ll give you products for every room of your home, or gifts for many, many people on your holiday shopping list!

Here are the August and September host rewards flyers. Please contact me to schedule your home or Facebook party!


2016 August HOST image


2016 September HOST


I enjoy having home parties where guests can try Norwex products and discover for themselves which ones they love. I also have a blast throwing personal, fun parties on Facebook (imagine shopping and chatting with your friends online for about an hour, then bringing home free products as a thank you!).


Here’s what a hostess needs to do to earn the generous hostess rewards.

To be eligible for the hostess packages, a host needs at least three buying guests, $350 in sales, and for a friend to book their own Norwex party. Successful hostesses share their enthusiasm about Norwex with their friends and family, and help friends know which products they think they’d love. The host and I work together to share how amazing it is when you bring Norwex to your home. That’s it! The more buying guests you have, the more free products Norwex will add to your package!

If you’re feeling too busy to have an in-home party, a Facebook event is fun and easy!  We can schedule week-long or 45-to-60 minute live Facebook events (live Facebook parties are fast and fun!). Please let me know if you’d like to schedule a party.  If you love Norwex, this is the best way to get everything on your wish list!



Who’d like a shopping spree or a free mop?

Who’s curious about earning a Norwex shopping spree and mop?  You could earn those by hosting an August party. Or, you could earn that and more by joining my team! New consultants receive the Superior Mop Collection in our starter kit. If you joined in August, you’d receive a shopping spree and bonus items, too!  Here’s some additional information about the products you’d receive as a new Norwex consultant.


2016 August starter kit

The August new consultant kit comes with the mop and these bonus items:

* $25 shopping spree
* Anti-gravity night cream
* Three Norwex tote bags

The starter kit also includes these standard items:
* Superior Mop Collection
* Dusting Mitt
* 2 EnviroCloths
* Window Cloth
* Sample-size Ultra Power Plus laundry detergent
* 10 catalogs
* 20 customer order forms
* Party flashcards
* Enough To Ten Products brochures, host guides, and host order forms for your first 5 parties
* A guide to the FREE things you could earn as a new consultant through the FreshStart Rewards program (hundreds of dollars in free products!)

New consultants pay a $9.99 shipping fee for their starter kit, and other than that it’s free, in exchange for meeting a 3-month sales goal. If you don’t achieve that 90-day goal, then you’d agree to cover part of the cost of your kit. (I have a blog piece explaining this and my tips for new recruits here.)

There are webinars and training calls with Norwex, and I’m always glad to help mentor my new team members! Collaborating with the wonderful women on my team is one of the most enjoyable parts of my job.

If you’d like to know more, I’m here to help. Please e-mail me or text me at (845) 702-5765 to set up a time to talk on the phone!