When your “cleaning fairy” goes on vacation

My cleaning fairy went on vacation. Can I borrow yours-


We all have times when life gets chaotic. Don’t you wish that you had a cleaning fairy??!!!

With children, pets and busy schedules, it can be difficult to keep up with household chores. Let’s get real: sometimes something’s got to give, and deep cleaning your home may be the task you set aside. Norwex cloths clean with just water. They’re an incredibly absorbent and efficient way to clean. What changed my life was that Norwex cloths are also fun to use, so that cleaning becomes a bit of a game. Bringing home an EnviroCloth, Window Cloth and Dusting Mitt made my life as a mom so much easier and happier. Maybe I don’t need a “cleaning fairy” after all….

Here’s what those cloths have done for me, making my life so much simpler!


Do you have questions about green cleaning?

Feel free to send me a message on Facebook. I’d love to help! Answering questions for those who are new to Norwex is so much fun! I also love doing Facebook parties, as well as home parties in the Hudson Valley. My hosts usually receive around $200 in free products from Norwex!


What if you want it all?

If you love Norwex and want to bring home something for every room in your home, please consider joining my team. This is a company you can feel good about, with a wonderful mission, supportive staff and teammates, and so many benefits for those who join. It’s a wonderful part of my life…so enjoyable that I don’t need a “cleaning fairy” anymore!

Need a “real mom” guide to your cleaning cloths?

I’m a real mom, with real messes! Want to see my latest videos, both live informal ones and edited ones designed to teach about green cleaning? Hurry over to my Facebook page then! Like it and follow it to see my latest posts!  You’ll find all of my videos, including a helpful playlist, right here.

Here’s one of my latest informal videos, showing how to use an Optic Scarf:

And here’s a look at an EnviroCloth under blacklight!


Please follow me at Home With Bec to see all of my videos and tips!

February Host Rewards

Here are the current Host Rewards! Please contact me to schedule your home or Facebook party!

2017 Feb HOST



I enjoy having home parties where guests can try Norwex products and discover for themselves which ones they love. I also have a blast throwing personal, fun parties on Facebook (imagine shopping and chatting with your friends online for about an hour, then bringing home free products as a thank you!).


Here’s what a hostess needs to do to earn the generous hostess rewards.

To be eligible for the hostess packages, a host needs at least three buying guests, $350 in sales, and for a friend to book their own Norwex party. Successful hostesses share their enthusiasm about Norwex with their friends and family, and help friends know which products they think they’d love. The host and I work together to share how amazing it is when you bring Norwex to your home. That’s it! The more buying guests you have, the more free products Norwex will add to your package!

If you’re feeling too busy to have an in-home party, a Facebook event is fun and easy!  We can schedule week-long or 45-to-60 minute live Facebook events (live Facebook parties are fast and fun!). Please let me know if you’d like to schedule a party.  If you love Norwex, this is the best way to get everything on your wish list!