Liquid Laundry Detergent is HERE!!!!!

Laundry has never been my favorite chore, but it’s something that I care a lot about because my clothes, sheets, and towels affect how I feel. Personally, I want my clothes to feel clean and soft, but I do not like fragrances. And my kids have super-sensitive skin and don’t do well with scented detergents, either. So I’m very excited about Norwex’s new Liquid Laundry Detergent! Our family’s been a fan of the powdered Ultra Power Plus for years — a little goes a long way, it’s fragrance-free, it’s eco-friendly, and we use it for many jobs at home (not just for laundry). So why make a change? I’m eager to try the new Liquid Laundry Detergent because it has enzymes to tackle odors and stains. Thanks to messy meals, sports, a potty-training toddler, and viruses that hit most families from time-to-time, I know we’ll have reasons to want enzymes in our laundry detergent. I can’t wait to post my personal review of this new product!

Liquid Laundry official info image


October Specials: Making Cleaning Less Scary!

The first Norwex cloths that I tried were the EnviroCloth, Window Cloth and Kitchen Cloth. This was almost four years ago, when a friend from an online expecting club told me about Norwex, I bought my first cloths, and I was amazed at the many, many things I could clean with the EnviroCloth. Oh my gosh – it’s a workhorse! I cleaned baseboards, floors, muddy fingerprints on the wall, appliances, counters, tables, placemats, bathrooms, toys, windows, mirrors, big spills of soup on our carpet…all with the EnviroCloth and water. I was shocked at how helpful it was and although I am an introvert at heart, I wanted to tell my friends about it. It was too good a find to keep to myself. So I’m glad to be able to say that Norwex has an EnviroCloth SALE this month. When you spend $90 on products, you can add an EnviroCloth for just $5 (a savings of around $12). It’s a great deal! There are also customer specials for kitchen cleaning and for tackling SPOOKY cobwebs and dusty ceiling fans with the EnviroWand! You can order all of these from my website at Happy Shopping and Happy Halloween!

2017 October CUSTOMER Spend and Get - screenshot

2017 October CUSTOMER


Join for Free is Baaaaccckkk!

I was full of butterflies when I became a Norwex consultant — so much so that I couldn’t sleep well for a night or two! I wondered if I was up for this. I wondered how much support would be available. I was full of questions and nervous energy! Thank goodness I joined. This flexible business has become one of the happiest parts of my life, and I’m blown away by the amount of training and support that is provided for both new and seasoned consultants. We’re part of a warm, resourceful community and an ethical company. Why am I sharing this part of my story? You can try being a Norwex consultant with no sales required if you join now. I hope you’ll keep reading and will consider this opportunity. It’s exactly how I joined 3.5 years ago.

You can try the Norwex business risk-free with no sales required if you become a consultant during the last two weeks of September 2017. What an amazing opportunity! You’d pay a $10 shipping fee, receive an EnviroCloth, Window Cloth, basic business supplies, and a free two-month trial of our Norwex website and online “back office.” You would be a Norwex consultant with no required sales and every opportunity to earn rewards and commission. Why not give it a try? There’s nothing to lose! You can help your family and so many other people with a flexible job like this.

Let’s max out the freebies from Norwex! If you decide to join, I suggest either working with me to host a launch party very soon after you sign up OR buying an upgrade package during sign-up so that you’ll be ahead of the game in earning rewards from Norwex (the second and third photos below show examples of upgrade packages). Please message me on Facebook to ask about the details. I’ll coach you about how to make the most of your business, even if you only plan to have a party every 4-6 months so you can keep your consultant discount! It’s a great opportunity. I hope you’ll join us and give the Norwex opportunity a try!

2017 September JOIN FOR FREE

2017 September Recruiting - join with upgrade package

2017 Upgrade Package - recruiting


Why would you consider buying an upgrade package during sign-up? What rewards are there to earn early on? When you become a Norwex consultant a count-down begins immediately after sign-up. What’s the countdown for? It’s for the FreshStart Rewards Program: your chance to earn around $700 in free products by making early sales and adding members to your team. If you sell $400 in your first 15-days, Norwex will give you $130 in free products as a thank you! If you sell a cumulative $1000 in your first 30-days, you receive an additional reward package. There are additional rewards to earn at day 60, too. The Fresh Start Rewards program is a great way to earn free products for your home or your party kit! This generous program makes it worth getting early sales when you sign-up. You could do this by buying an optional upgrade package (it counts towards the FreshStart Rewards program); by hosting a Facebook party and a home party very soon after you sign-up; or by making a purchase through your own party (I could easily explain how to do that — if you shop your own party, you can use your consultant discount on the order and earn host rewards from that purchase).

The simplest, fastest option is to purchase an upgrade package when you sign up, so I wanted to mention that here. It’s not the right option for everyone, but it’s something you should know about ahead of time. You should also opt-in for the free trial of Consultant Office Suite — that’s how your customers will be able to place website orders with you!

I’m so glad I joined Norwex. I hope you’ll become part of my team!  Please contact me with any questions. I’d love to help you learn about this so you can decide if it’s right for you. It’s a risk-free opportunity, so why not give it a try!


Norwex Cares Disaster Relief Kits

I’m glad to be part of a company that walks the walk, doesn’t just talk the talk! Here are Norwex staff making disaster relief kits. It means a lot to me that consultants attending national conference also assembled these, and that as consultants we can nominate non-profit organizations to receive funding from Norwex. For more information about these kits and other charitable initiatives, please see the Norwex Foundation.


September’s Customer and Host Specials

Let’s talk about bathroom cleaning…and the September specials!

There’s often nervous laughter when I bring out the Ergonomic Toilet Brush at my home parties — I always reassure guests that the brush they’re seeing has never touched a toilet and is only brought to parties! Then I tell about how funny I think it is to gush about a toilet brush, and go on to explain how different I think this brush is. From its silver-coated bristles (antimicrobial!), to the way it scrubs under the rim, to the way it hangs to dry (no sitting in a wet puddle of water), it’s just well made! I’m super excited to see this toilet brush on sale in September, paired with one of my favorite bathroom cleaners, Blue Diamond. At my house, we use Blue Diamond undiluted for toilet cleaning, and dilute it 1:7 in a spray bottle of water for cleaning the shower and tub. My favorite tool to use for tub cleaning is the Bathroom Scrub Mitt — it has a scrubby nylon weave on one side, and plush microfiber on the other. I’ve been using the same mitt for over three years. It’s really held up well!  The other special that I want to call your attention to is the Power Pack: an EnviroCloth, Window Cloth, and Magnetic EnviroCloth. If you’re thinking about giving Norwex to a classroom teacher, or about giving it as a housewarming gift, that special is a great option!

Here’s the September Customer Specials flyer. Keep in mind that you could earn these products for free or at a discount by hosting a party, or could receive some of them in your party starter kit if you become a Norwex consultant like me. (I like to point that out because personally, I never would have become a consultant if a friend hadn’t encouraged me to do so. And it was one of the best decisions I ever made!)

2017 September CUSTOMER specials

2017 September CUSTOMER spend-and-get window cloth

Thinking about hosting?

Now let’s talk about the September Host Rewards! They’re full of items you’d want in a healthy kitchen (think ahead about Thanksgiving and holiday baking!) and could also be used for hostess gifts, teachers gifts, and more! Hosts have the chance to earn all of these items for free, as well as to earn a host shopping spree (see the Host Dollars section for details).

2017 September HOST specials UPDATED

One of my favorite things is getting to know my hosts and new team members. It makes me so happy to help them bring Norwex to their lives! If you have any questions about choosing products, hosting a party or joining my team, feel free to send me a message on Facebook!


Why I love the Norwex mop

All About the Mop and the August Specials!

I’ve had such fun talking about mopping and cleaning in my Facebook parties this month. That sounds funny to say, but I truly enjoy meeting new friends in my parties and showing them how Norwex works! I get some “me time” and make new friends at the same time. Why have I been so enthusiastic about sharing the mop? Part of it is the messes my kids bring home from day camp. My kids are in the woods all day, and I swear that when they enter the house at dinner time, it’s like a cloud of dirt follows them! It’s been helpful to be able to quickly mop up the mess and the mud. I also love to cook and tend to have a lot of messes on my kitchen floor and even on the kitchen walls. I’ve enjoyed being able to quickly mop those up with just the wet mop pad and a little warm water. It’s great to share my happy Norwex stories in parties, so more people learn how they can clean quickly and easily!  I even try to “go live” during the day (when my house is more quiet) to do live demos and show how much fun it is to use Norwex.

It’s not too late to get a free mop this summer! August is a “mop month” for Norwex hosts, where it’s pretty easy to earn a free Superior Mop Collection through a party. It’s also a month when it’s unusually easy to become a Norwex consultant and get a mop in your starter kit! Here’s a quick overview of this month’s sign-up special, host specials and customer specials!

Why it’s easy to join Norwex in August!

2017 August sign-up recruiting flyer

It only takes two or three parties to earn that party starter kit for free!  I enjoy helping my new team members have a Facebook party and coach them about how to hold their first home parties. It’s fun to share something you love with your friends!

August is also a super month to join because Norwex gives you the chance to earn the following rewards:

2017 August Freshstart bonus screen shot part 2

Can you imagine hosting your own launch party (earning around $200 in free products as the host) while also getting all the products in the Party Starter Kit, plus the free products and the shopping sprees pictured above? What an amazing way to add free Norwex to your home!


Why August is a SUPER time for a party!

These are the August Host Rewards! Norwex is giving our August hosts the chance to earn a free mop!

2017 August HOST

What’s on sale in August?

If you host an August party, your friends will be able to order these Customer Specials. I’m especially excited about the Safe Haven On-the-Go package because it’s perfect to give to school teachers this fall!

2017 August CUSTOMER

I’m here to help you learn about Norwex and these wonderful opportunities!

Please contact me through Facebook or send me a note if you’d like help choosing products, scheduling a party or joining my team!