86% off is a GREAT bargain!


When’s the last time you got something at 86% off??!! If you know someone who’d like to host a Norwex party but who hasn’t purchased anything because of financial constraints, please do them a favor: Tell them about this month’s Try It, Share It kit! It’s a great way to try out being a Norwex consultant and to try the products at a very low cost. It includes over $74 worth of products for just $9.99! If your friend is willing to work with me to host a party and learn about being a Norwex consultant, this is a great option for them.  By joining they would earn this low-cost starter kit, and then by hosting a party they could earn commission on sales and earn host rewards too, so their home would be well stocked with free products! If they host a party and don’t want to pursue it further, that would be OK, because this kit comes with no sales requirement. This offer is only available in September. I’m really excited about helping more people “try out” Norwex cloths and the Norwex business. This is how my Norwex business began: with a no-risk kit and the help of a friend. Please tell your friends and family that I’d love to help them get started — have them message me on Facebook or send me an e-mail. I’ll help them begin with Norwex!

Looking for support?

bec-welcome-packet-for-recruit-with-textNow that I’ve been with Norwex for several years, I’m very focused on team-building and on supporting new Norwex consultants. When I was new, I thought, “These cloths are awesome! I want to share them with a few friends!” Then I began hosting parties and making lots of friends through my business, and I loved how those parties helped me share the joy with more families. Now I’m at a point where my teammates are a key priority: Together we are helping even more families! Norwex changes lives.

Would you like to join Norwex with the no-strings-attached, zero-risk sign-up kit this month?  It costs $9.99, gives you products worth over $74, and comes with business materials to help you with your first party!  If you’re planning to sign-up as a new consultant, I would love to help you build your business!  I joined with the small, no-risk kit 2.5 years ago and it’s one of the best things that ever happened to me or my family. You can read more about the sign-up options in my recent blog posts, as well as on my official Norwex site. The no-risk kit available in September is called “Try It, Share It.” If you sign-up with me, be sure to message me and send me a Facebook friend request, so you can join my team online and benefit from the camaraderie and resources there!  You’ll want to get in touch with me quickly, so we can schedule your launch party and help you earn over $130 in bonus free products in your first two weeks as a consultant. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll help you get started!

P.S. Here’s a really detailed post outlining this month’s sign-up options. It’s worth knowing the difference between the standard kit (which includes a mop!) and the smaller Try It, Share It kit.


Try being a consultant — it’s risk-free!

Why-I-Use-NorwexOne of the first benefits I saw when I joined Norwex was that our home had more EnviroCloths and Window Cloths! Instead of just having the several cloths that I purchased, now we had a whole extra kit to use. It made cleaning our home so much easier! The next benefit was having something of my OWN. I found that I loved having my own business. Earning commission, learning new skills, and making new friends through my business has been such a great experience. I have three kids and a busy life, so this flexible career is perfect for me. Feel free to ask me anything about it how works, what’s gone well for me, or what’s been a challenge — I’m an open book.

You may have seen that there’s a special, no-risk sign-up offer during September 2016. It’s really true — you can become a Norwex consultant this month with no sales required, no strings attached! I’ve set up a fun group where you can see flyers about the starter kits, participate in live Q&A, and meet the other consultants on my team. Please message me if you’d like to be part of it!

Want to know more?  Here’s a more detailed blog piece that explains the sign-up options. (The gist of it is that there are two kits — the no-risk, no-sales-required kit is quite small, whereas the kit with a sales requirement is more comprehensive and includes a free mop.)  I’d love to help you get started!  Ask to join my Facebook group to discuss how to join, or ask to set up a phone appointment. I’d love to coach you and help you succeed!


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Try Norwex Risk-Free! $9.99 sign-up in September


Have you ever wondered about trying Norwex? Or daydreamed about being a consultant?

You could try out the Norwex business — and get a nice package of products for your home — for just $9.99 this month!

Norwex is offering a small starter-kit (the Try It, Share It kit) in September 2016 that comes with no sales requirement. I’ll say it again: there are no sales required!  You’d pay a $9.99 shipping fee (plus tax) and that’s where your obligation to Norwex would end. You’d receive an EnviroCloth, Window Cloth, Fruit & Veggie Scrub Cloth, Microfiber Variety Pack, and small sample of laundry detergent. This is just enough for you to try Norwex, fall in love, and share it with your friends. To remain a consultant you’d need to sell $250 every six-months (if you didn’t achieve that, you’d go dormant). It’s a no-stress way to begin your business!  Here’s the flyer about this opportunity. Please see my advice that follows it.


I love the Try It, Share It kit, but want to be sure you know that it does not include the mop.

Are you serious about earning lots of free products?  Please consider hosting a party with me (the rewards are generous — way more than you’d get just with the small starter kit!). Please also give some thought to our standard starter-kit for consultants.

If you definitely want to be a consultant, then I recommend our standard starter kit. The standard kit, which includes the mop, provides more of what you’ll need for your business. It also only costs $9.99!  It comes with more cloths, materials, and the mop, and it includes a sales goal (sell $2,000 in 90-days, and agree to pay $200 to cover the cost of your kit if you don’t achieve that goal). If you plan to start out strong, have 4-6 parties in your first 2 months, and really go for it, then the standard kit is a much better bet for you!  Why start with the small kit and have to buy yourself a mop, when the mop could have been yours for free? In September, the Standard Kit comes with bonus items, too: a free Pet-to-Dry Pink Pig hand towel for kids and a Lint Mitt!

On the other hand if you’re unsure about being a consultant, then the Try It, Share It kit is a lovely way to begin. It removes any concern about performance and sales. The small kit could be a great thing for anyone who needs a low-stress way to launch their Norwex career.

At the risk of getting too confusing…I am going to add more information at the end of this post about your sign-up options. There’s a kit enhancement you could purchase during sign-up, which comes with a big discount and a shopping spree.

Are you ready to sign-up?  As excited as I am for you to join my team, please wait….Read one more piece of advice first!

always suggest scheduling your first party before you sign-up. Talk to your friends and family, and get a few parties on your calendar!  Then sign-up on my Norwex website. Be ready to start making online sales right away, even before your kit arrives in the mail. Norwex will reward your early success!   There’s an amazing program called the Fresh Start Rewards that will give you $130 in free products if you sell $400 in your first 15-days, so start out strong!  You’ll want to earn all of those freebies!   (There are 15-day, 30-day and 60-day sales goals, with no penalties for not reaching them — just encouragement and incentives.)

So…are you ready now?  Here’s where you can sign-up!

Do you have questions? Message me on Facebook and we’ll set up a time to talk!  I’d be happy to talk on the phone and answer your questions.

Need more details?  Here’s a chart comparing the two kit options!


Want to add to your kit when you sign-up? Here you go!  You could buy this package of products during sign-up and receive a $95 discount. Then you’d also get a $25 shopping spree!

Sept Starter Kit Upgrade for fee

Need help? Message me and I’ll help you choose the best options for you. I’d be glad to chat on Facebook or on the phone.